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Posted over 4 years ago by Janet DuBois

HB335 Psychiatric Nurses by Rep Plasencia and it's Senate companion SB476 Mental Health by Senator
Grimsley passed the vote through both the Senate and the House and are on their way to the Governor for approval.
This will permit Psych-Mental Health board-certified Advanced Practice Nurses (ARNP) to initiate and release the Baker Act (involuntary admission) for specific clients. This will improve timely care for such patients who may be delayed assessment. A final of this bill will be out soon.

Please write or call to thank Representative Rene "Coach P" Plasencia and Sen. Denise Grimsley for their landmark legislation for ARNPs in Florida! Thanks also to the FNPN BOD, legislative team, members and especially to our dedicated and hard working lobbyist Allison Carvajal!

What an amazing accomplishment!   Janet DuBois, President


Bonnie Sklaren over 4 years ago

20 long years, I may cry. Thank you to all our members and lobbyists who worked hard and long and did not give up - cudos to FNA, FNPN and the Hospital Association. I worried I w2ould not live to see this day.
Bonnie Sklaren

Dr. Lynn Williams over 4 years ago

This does not really tell me anything.. no specifics as there were amendments along the way

Janet DuBois over 4 years ago

It's the Psych/Baker act bill allowing Psych NPs to release patients from Baker Act.

Donna O'Hara over 4 years ago

Congratulations to you guys, great work. Hope those successes keep coming! djo

Dr. Lynn Williams over 4 years ago

Shame on enp for calling this groundbreaking news. Groundbreaking would be the pigman bill. The controlled substances bill would be the second most important bill. But allowing only certified psych nurses to release a baker act as groundbreaking? Unreal.

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