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Legislator Appointments during the Rally In Tally

Posted almost 10 years ago by Jean Aertker


It is time to make appointments with your local legislators:

1.  If you are not sure who your representatives are (House and Senate) please go to www.capwiz.com/fnpn and plug in your zip code. This will list all your legislators.


2. Then make an appointment to meet with your legislators in person in their Tallahassee office. The best appointment times will be March 24th from 1 to 3 pm. If you know you will be arriving earlier, make appointments at will. Remember the Rally starts sharply at 12:30 PM at Waller Park area and expected to last 30 minutes.


3. When you call the Tallahassee offices, ask for 10-15 minutes w/ the legislator. If the legislator's schedule is full, then ask for the legislative health aide to meet with you.


4. If several NPs from your district are also attending, try to get a group size & time for one appointment. Take your camera for a photo op too! Nice to put in the local news.


5. Send us an email and let us know the details of who, what, when, where so we have a list of legisaltors to visit.


6. We will have NP information packets for you to use to talk to the legislators at the Rally, pick them up at the registration table. 


4. Before to the scheduled appointment, and if requested by the staff, send a copy of our FNPN Legislative priorities for the legislator, including our bill information. This is on FNPN website in the legislative tool kit al


5. If you cannot get an appointment due to the legislators scheduling conflicts, please contact FNPN and let us know this as well. We will make effort to contract that legislator to get them the information.


6. Complete the POST VISIT card (in your packets at the Rally) and return to the bus monitor or FNPN Rally coordinators.

Any questions? Contact Jean Aertker or Jeff Hazard


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