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Bus Trips and Parking Notice in Tallahassee To "Rally In Tally"

Posted over 9 years ago by Jean Aertker

Dear Members:

On March 24th, FNPN has reserved charter buses for Tampa (on March 1st. Tampa has only 1 or 2 seats left!), Sarasota-Bradenton, Lakeland (plenty of seats) and North Orlando (Sanford & Volusia area) for pick-up locations departing about 5 am and return late evening. Please sign up ASAP!.

West Palm Beach is renting a large bus and Gail Fox is coordinating that effort to depart very early on March 24. Dr. Daniel Little is also organizing a charter bus from Barry Univ. area to drive up the night before, staying in Tally area and returning on March 24th.

Several are driving up in private autos and we have arranged for a shuttle van to transport you free from the Mall to the Captial building from 11am to 3 PM departing 3-4 trips per hour. NOTE:  Downtown parking can be difficult during session. Elizabeth Markovich is coordinating that plan.   


Cheryl Brandi over 9 years ago

I want to sign up for the Sarasota-Bradenton bus--any information regarding that?

Julia Cortese over 9 years ago

i signed up to go to the rally. are there seats left on the tampa bus? julie cortese

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